The Sentinel

Brainchild by Wax Jism
m/m sex, AU
Blair had secretly been working for the government undercover all those years, studying Sentinels. They decide that they've learned all they can from Jim being left alone, and bring him in for testing. Dark, and very sad. But also good. :D

Silver Rain by Destina Fortunato
dark, death?
Blair's thoughts as he bleeds out.

Conforming to Requirements by Fluterbev
m/m sex, AU, torture/abuse, switch
In a world where Sentinels are used for their skills and Guides are pushed down to keep the Sentinels from rebelling, Jim doesn't want to Bond with a weak thing like a Guide-- and Blair isn't legally allowed to. Instert romance and us-against-the-world plot.

The Sentinel Virtual Season by MrsHamill
In which the boys deal with police politics, and don't like what they see.

The Sentine: Virtual Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Continuation of the canon series... with slash! :D

Five Things That Never Happened to Jim Ellison by Princess of Geekland
If you don't know what this is, you haven't been in fandom long enough.

Empathy by Brenda Antrim
Jim/Blair's in the email.. so.. apparently I haven't recced this before! Huh. Oh well. Sentinel-Guide bond, leading to shared pains, but also rescue.

Hippie Boy by Lex
In which Blair & Jim meet when they're younger but don't realise this until they're older. ^^

Behind Bars 2 by Mia Athlas
Blair's in prison for something he didn't do-- Jim's there undercover. Cue crack down on inmates and "why now??" romance. ^_^

The Nature Series by Francesca
A rewrite of the series-- with Jim&Blair together. ^^

Conjugations by Legion
Futurefic where Jim&Blair are basically leading a tribe in a world that's been mostly wiped out by plague.

Slaves of the Prantell by Scorpio
Earth gets taken over by aliens-- who mostly wipe out females in the process. MPREG.

Polarity by Bren Antrim
Jim/Blair, past OMC/Blair, prostitution themes
Bad things lead to Blair's secrethookerpast coming out. Quite angsty and good. :3

Clues by Bren Antrim
Jim/Blair, OMC/Blair
Jim hears.. "something". *snicker*

Empathy by Bren Antrim
Jim/Blair, OMC/Blair non-con
New aspects of the Sentinel/Guide bond come out.

True Minds Trilogy 2 3 by Lanning Cook
BadGuy!Events lead to Jim & Blair getting together. Plus a plot. But who cares about that? XD

Epiphaneia by Lanning Cook
Blair doesn't get the job, Jim makes threats and gets really, really drunk.

Tribe Sentinels by Annabelle Leigh
Other sentinels come out of the woodwork, and happen to help Jim&Blair deal with their issues.