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Clark/Lex Fics

And Desire Shall Fail by HRD
m/m sex, non-con, AU, slavery, switch
Clark grows up as a government experiment, and takes it out on the human race once he gets out. Lex shows him there are better ways to rule the world. (Kinda?)

Angel's Kiss by Henry Jones Jr.
m/m sex, alien
Clark decides to grow up and get it on with Lex-- ala Alien Heritage. :D

Arkham/ 2/ 3/ 4/ by seperis & chain_lightning
plot, future fic, pre-slash
WiP that I don't think is going to get finished, but *so* worth it for what's there. Lex is in Arkham-- Clark decides to break him out. Featuring drugaddicted!Lex and the Joker. ♥ ♥

Backfired by Glacis
m/m sex, future fic, red!Clark
In which some of Lex's subordinates try in the worst way to kill Superman-- with Red Kryptonite.

Blind Moments by GothGirl
episode-related; Asylum Spell
Clark helps/lusts after Lex.

Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar! by Kitty Fisher

Lex has been looking forward to this for *ages*.

The Butterfly Effect The Spike
episode related; Hourglass
Um. Lex finds a way to see his future (ie, what Cassandra saw). Fuuuckedup drug trip, anyone? But Clark takes care of him. ♥

Cinnamon and Sugary and Softly Spoken Lies by Tzigane and Kat
episode related; everything with Belle Reeve
shortfic about Lex rememberings things Belle Reeve took away from him.

Crimson by Kitty Fisher

If I've recced this before, I somehow didn't read it all. Red!Clark/Lex. This begs for a sequel.

Crimson by Teot
m/m sex, bloodplay
Lex decides to move away; Clark ends up helping, and then asks about Lex's knife. And. Um. Then sex.

A Date with the President by Henry Jones Jr.
long, romance, m/m sex, alternate future
Post series; Clark meets President Luthor.

Destiny's Whore by Glacis
m/m sex
Destiny changes and Clark and Lex have sex.

Dreams of Dying by Vicky and Kat
future fic
Lex jumps off a building-- good thing there's Superman in Metropolis.

Enough by Glacis
m/m sex, episode related; Shattered
Clark goes against his parents, and rescues Lex.

Family Portrait by Tzigane and Kat
LONG, plot, m/m sex, incest, AU
Lex gets raised by the Kents.

Five Things That Aren't True by Basingstoke
AU, one crossover
You ever read a fic that just makes you DIE with how good it is? That's what the first thing did to me. What the fuck I loved that thing a LOT. Liek, hardcore. GO READ NOW. I cannot say that enough. Five things fic, and my god, do I EVER LOVE that first one. *sway*

The Fourth Dimension by iammiffyneko
Future!Clark and Future!Lex come back in time-- Future!Clark tries to kill Present!Lex, Present!Clark stops him.

The Funeral Party by GothGirl
future fic, torture
Clark tells Lana who&what he is, she reacts badly (understatement) and Lex has to clean everything up.

Gotham Underground by Dana
long, plot, m/m sex, alternate future, Batman
Lex/Clark, mild Bruce/Lex
Clark and Lex go to Gotham to neutralize Lionel.

Harvest by Glacis
m/m sex, non-con, alternate future, torture
Lack of gratitude=crazy!Lex yay! Kinda. xD

The Hazards of Not Knocking by Khohen1
m/m sex, pwp
Clark walks in on Lex. Hehehe.

Heart Of Stone by GothGirl
m/m sex, non-con, AU, Red!Clark
Red!Clark never went away, and then went after Lex.

The Identicle Series by Lanning Cook
Lord of the Flies
It Came Just the Same
Common Ground
Dovetail Joint
LONG, plot, m/m sex, alternate future, non-con, incest
Lex/Clark, Lex/Lex, Lionel/Lex
omgIlovethisficsomuch. O_O Lionel clones Lex, and then everything goes to hell.

The Ides of Wakala by Tzigane and Kat
long, m/m sex, AU (mentions of non-con & prostitution)
The Kryptonians came to Earth en mass, and Lex is chosen to be the heir's consort. *omglovethisonesomuchwantasequel*

Idyllic Life by Kat Reitz & Perryvic
LONG, plot, m/m sex, non-con, AU, Batman
Clark/Lex, Lex/others, random pairings
Lex & Clark growing up together.. and Clark's a jealous kid. *loves those guys so much* ♥♥♥

(Intersection of Red and White Equals) Gray by Glacis
m/m sex, episode related: Red, Red!Clark
Uuuh.. o_O Red!Clark hits on Lex. A lot. But Lex has a spine.

Interstitial by Punk
long, romance, m/m sex
Clark's powers start to fluctuate. Spunky!teen helps get the boys together.

Keep Your Head Down by Tzigane and Kat
LONG, plot, m/m sex, non-con, alternate future
Lex gets kidnapped, then gets rescued by Clark. Insert recovery+getting together.

Last Buns of Krypton by Tzigane and Kat
long, romance, m/m sex, future fic, AU
pornstoreclerk!Clark seduces Lex. XD Yup. ♥

The Lazarus Gap by Dolimir
long, plot, m/m sex
Lex loses his memory, gets kidnapped, gets body-dumped, and starts his life over again. He then meets up with Clark-who-does-not-know-is-Clark. :D I still love my original summary: Wheelchair!ghetto!Lex.

Learning Experience by Vicky and Kat
LONG, romance, m/m sex, alternate future
College!Clark meets a friend-- he just doesn't know it at the start. (Yeah, it's Lex. XD In disguise! Yay.)

Like Water by Kitty Fisher
m/m sex, non-con, incest
Clark/Lex, Jor-El!Lionel/Lex
Lex parks his car outside the Kents, but doesn't go out. Clark goes to him. Sex, then angst, then Happy.

Looking Glass by Jenn
m/m sex, AU, drug abuse
Clark/Lex, others
When Clark landed, Jonathan decided it would be better to kill the alien than let him live. Martha saves him and movies to Metropolis to work for Lionel; the story of Clark & Lex's revenge.

A Mad Season by Dolimir
long, plot, future fic, alternate future
Clark/Lex, Bruce/Lex
Brainwashed!Lex, who remembers nothing from Smallville, regains his memories and makes moves to take down Lionel.

Mexican Standoff by Tzigane and Kat
alternate future
Papa Kent vs Lionel. xD

No Obstable by Glacis
m/m sex, alien
Subconcious urges for everyone today. :3 Though Clark's lead to him smashing through walls. o.O

Nonstop To Nowhere by Tzigane and Kat
long, plot, m/m sex, AU
AU in which Clark (aka Lian) is raised by the Luthors.

The Other Clark by Henry Jones Jr.
not!Clark pays Lex a very unexpected visit.

Pharaoh by fajrdrako
long, romance, m/m sex, incest, AU
Clark/Lex, Lionel/Lex, Lucas/Lex
Uuuh.. Luthors=royal family. xD Lucas stages a coup, Lex is left as dead in a river... to be saved by our boy Clark! :D Who still has his powers. xD And eventually becomes Pharaoh. Whatever, it's good, and amusing. Also Lex/Lucas and has a biit of Lionel/Lex.

Psychobabble by Prufrock
long, romance, alternate future
Smarmy romance. I love this. A they-get-to-know-each-other-and-get-together fic. So well done.

Redrawing the lines
Trace a mountain to its source
m/m sex, alternate future
by GothGirl
Erased-his-memory=evil!Lex. Clark is sick of saving everybody but Lex. (Sequel=smut. :D)

Resurrection and Retribution by Glacis
m/m sex, alternate future, episode related; Exodus
Red Kryponite!Clark and Lex take over the world. ♥

The Road Not Taken by Joyfulgirl41
LONG, romance, m/m sex, AU, switch
Clark/Lex, others
What if Pamela HAD raised Lex? ♥♥♥

Rum, Sodomy and the Lash by Tzigane and Kat
long, romance, m/m sex, AU
College!ClarkandLex. I have no idea how the ages work out on this thing anymore, since it's been a while since I read it.. but it was good. Hazed!Lex, smackdown!Clark, wheee.

Slow Drag by Tzigane and Kat
long, plot, m/m sex, non-con, alternate future, Justice League
Futurefic, in which Lex is totallyevilandcaptured and Superman has MPD.

Superglue by Vicky and Kat
LONG, plot, m/m sex, AU, non-con, pedophilia
Clark/Lex, other/Lex
Rewrite of 'Holding Out for a Hero', with Lex the only one as a csi-- I like this one much better, myself. *pets it*

Three Little Words by Magdelena1969

All that was ever needed for them to be happy.

The Throwback by Vivian Darkbloom
long, romance, m/m sex, future fic
Lex gets sucked into a dream world where he thinks he's 15, Clark rescues him (and then they have sex).

Twisted Fairytales by Feygan
long, romance, m/m sex, alternate future
Supergirl goes back in time to get Clark & Lex together. Yes, really.

Two Halves by Dolimir
long, romance, m/m sex, AU
Lex gets lost and then raised by the Kents; Lillian finds out he's alive and goes to get him. They had a psychic bond! It's good.

Two Voices by Dolimir
Clark & Lex meet via a wrong number. Sweet, longish, and really just absolutely perfect.

White by Kitty Fisher

After the crash.

Lionel/Lex Fics

Land of the Blind by Tzigane and Kat
m/m sex, incest, pwp
Lex gets it all on tape.

Misc Fics

Better than by Goth_clark
m/m sex, pwp
OH GOD THIS HURTS ME. JUST LOOK AT THAT PAIRING. AAAAAAAH. It's like a bad porn movie. Lex's car breaks down, Jonathan helps him. @____e;

Threesome/Two Main Pairings Fics

Different Shape of Being by Perryvic & Kat Reitz
LONG, plot, m/m sex, AU, Batman
Bruce/Lex, Clark/Lex, Bruce/Lex/Clark
Batman!(but kinda Robin-ish)Lex & Superman!Clark along with usedtobeBatman!Bruce. Threesome, bondage, fun plot about the planet getting blown up. ^__^ So much better than I thought it would be.

Business Proposition
I Am Your's
My Enemy, My Friend
by GothGirl
long, romance, m/m sex, alternate future
Bruce/Lex, Clark/Lex
Starting when Lex is young, and Lionel uses him to seal a deal, leading up to when he's full grown and going up against superman. Sex=yay! :D

Nowhere and Back Again by Tzigane and Kat
long, romance, m/m sex, AU
Clark/Lex, Lian/Lex, Lian/Lex/Clark
AU sequel to Nonstop To Nowhere, where Lian goes crazy after Lex dies, and searches for him in another dimension.

Pyrrhic by Perryvic and Kat Reitz
LONG, plot, m/m sex, alternate future, incest
Lex/Clark, Lionel/Lex, other/Lex
Brainwashed!Lex thinks he's in love with his father-- who then dies. Clark, and others, show him how very, very wrong he is. (BRAINWASHED!! :D :D :D) Lex then takes down half the businessmen of Metropolis. Others/Lex (non-con), Lionel/Lex, Lex/Clark.

by Aklani
long, romance, m/m sex, alternate future, BDSM, switch
Clark/Lex, Bruce/Clark, Bruce/Lex/Clark
Years after Lex and Clark break up, his unresolved feelings slap him around a LOT when Superman gets hurt. ...Also Bruce/Lex.
Bonus! Sequel in which Clark pines over Lex, and ends with a Bruce/Clark/Lex threesome.