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Leon/D Fics Miscellaneous Pairing Fics


Date by Misura
It's Leon's birthday. D pries, and eventually gets a date. Cute, but begs for what will never happen: more.

Deathbed by setosgirl0
death fic
At the end of sixty years together...

How Leon's Luck Changed by Ravenbell
Leon goes to D for help on his latest case, D asks him to take care of Q-chan for a while. Doesn't make sense if you know the truth about Q-chan, but cute none the less.

Sadie, Sadie by Telanu
m/m sex, AU
In which Leon decides he's in love with D before the end of the manga and D tried (and fails) to convince him they can't be together.

Misc Pairing

Deviant by setosgirl0
Incubus/D, Leon/D
m/m sex, kinda non-con
D gets an incubus for the store... but when he gets sick, he's the one who breaks the contract. And then the incubus has sex with him. :D

Paid in Blood by setosgirl0
blood drinking
D makes a trade; his blood for Toutetsu's cooking. Amusing, and kinda hot. :D