Bloodraven by P L Nunn
m/m sex, non-con, slavery, violence
Yhalen is a Yherji who gets captured by Ogres; a half-Ogre claims him as his own. Featuring political machinations, Evil Characters, and Fighting for Freedom (on the part of the Half-Ogres of their world). Quite awesome, all in all.

Child of the Night by Scribe
m/m sex, f/f sex, non-con, violence, D/S
A slash retelling of Dracula; I count it as a original because it can be read in and of itself, with no prior knowledge of Dracula. :]
If you DON'T know the story of Dracula, though.... this one goes like this: Boy meets Prince. Prince seduces boy. Boy dies, Prince becomes vampire, boy is reincarnated and so then they live happilly ever after. With a whoooooole lot of smut thrown in.

Untitled Tentacle Porn Novel by Sleeps With Coyotes
tentacle/m sex, eventual "threesome" (with tentacles), eventual m/m sex
Vos/Avin, Catamalgra(tentacle being)/Avin, Catamalgra(tentacle being)/Avin/Vos
Fantasy. Vos Thalen, agent of the King, is sent to judge the worthiness of the Lord of Ashai Keep, a border land constantly under threat. But there's more to the Keep, and its Lord, than meets the eye. Just starting, so hints of political intruige, wars&battles, and a general Kick Ass Thing. :D ♥♥♥♥ TENTACLE PORN FIC. XD