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Just Hold Back by Kiyoshi
Kio, Soubi, Seimei
Kio goes to Soubi's apartment, but Seimei's there, too. x3 Oooh, fun tensions!

Surrender by Yutaka
Seimei, Soubi, Ritsu
violence, blood
Training by Ritsu, and Beloved afterwards. They're too messed up for me to just say "day to day life", but that's what this makes me think of. o.O


Bath Time by Kiyoshi
m/m sex
Kio washes Soubi's hair, which leads to smut. :D


Call Me Anytime by Sub_divided
Soubi, Ritsuka
Ritsuka calls Soubi for help. I really think the first part is better than the rest. :/

Less And Less by Worblehat
m/m sex, chan, pwp
Ritsuka loses his ears. (though I'm not sure I agree that this would do it.) Cute. :]

Rejected Goods by Lazulisong
m/m sex
An amazing fic that perfectly does Ritsuka losing his ears. I'm actually shocked the fandom produced something this good. *loves*

Untitled Loveless Drabble
Simply Soubi
by Kiyoshi
Ritsuka/Soubi, hints of other pairings
Two fics, the first from Ritsuka's pov about Soubi, the second from Soubi's pov. Very sweet little fics that give a nice angle on the Soubi-Ritsuka relationship. *shouldn't be so pleased with them, but is* XD


Candlelight by Chained Dove
Seimei doesn't like Soubi, or that he can make him feel.

The Instinct of a Blind Insect by Shikishi
m/m sex
Seimei/Soubi, mentioned Ritsu/Soubi
Fic about pretty much right-before Seimei "dies". Deals with some of Soubi's habits in the series, whichi I love. *_*

Threesomes/Multiple (Main) Pairings

Chrysalis by Ver2frog
Seimei/Soubi, Kio/Soubi, Soubi/Ritsuka
Short little fic about feverish!Soubi. Very nicely done... G, despite all those pairings. :3

Like the Naked Leads the Blind by Storyteller
m/m sex, implied sex with a minor
Kio/Soubi, mild Soubi/Ritsuka
Ritsuka & Soubi get together; Kio gets jealous. Ritsuka sends Soubi to comfort him... Kio doesn't really appreciate that.