Kyou Kara Maoh

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Big Brothers Gracie_musica
Gen; Cheri, Gwendal, Conrad, baby Wolfram
Wolfram's birth. (warning: m/m sex fic below this one on the page.)

Sacrifice by Astraplain
Gen; Yuuri, Wolfram
Yuuri makes a deal to give up something as an "ultimate" sacrifice... His swordsmanship.

Slip Away by Allira_dream
Gen; Gwendal, Wolfram, Conrad
Gwendal thinks back on how he could have stopped the problems between Wolfram & Conrad.

Misc Pairing

Comfort by Ofudamaster
Murata finds an upset Wolfram and offers comfort.

Misdirected Intentions by Poisonangel7
m/m sex, kink
Murata/Wolfram, past Shinou/Sage
Uuh.. Murata's thoughts as he bondage!fucks Wolfram? Whatever, it's evil and good. x3 Smuuut.

Threesomes/Multiple (Main) Pairings

To Bandarbia, With Love
Roger That
Never Too Old
by Mousapelli
m/m sex, mpreg
Conrad/Yozak, Yuuri/Wolfram
C/Y for the first, then Y/W... They're fairly loosely related fics about mpreg!Mazoku, and how they came to be. Funny, but also very sweet. :3

A Long Night by Allira_dream
m/m sex, incest, pwp
Snippet of smut with the focus on Wolfram. x3 It makes me happy.

Unspoken by Sunshine_melodi
Yuuri/Wolfram, Murara/Wolfram
Wolfram thinks about his relationship with Yuuri; Murata provides an alternative. Wolfram turns him down, and Yuuri makes efforts on their relationship. Sweet fic. :]


Advice by Srgt_s_venom
Uuuh.. Conrad kinda threatens Yuuri to take care of Wolfram? Except he's saying that Wolfram'll kick his ass if he doesn't. xD Whatever, it's cute.

Always or Never/ 2/ 3/ by Bibbity
non-con, kidnapping
Yuuri/Wolfram, OMC/Wolfram
Some bad icky nasty pirates kidnap Wolfram, but they don't realise noone got the random note; Wolfram gets sold as a slave... but not in a stupid corny "it's been done" way. In a cool new way. xD It's just good. WIP.

Bad Day by Angelzash
Wolfram needs to learn to watch what he thinks about around magic objects. (Even if Yuuri doesn't want a boy.)

Crowsong by elveljung
non-con, prostitution, incest, crossdressing, DARK
Maoh!Yuuri/Wolfram, implied Conrad/Wolfram
What could happen if the Shin Makoku went to war. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Dangerous Impulse
Night Flowers
by Elsie21
one-sided at first
Wolfram kisses Yuuri, who doesn't react well.

Dis-engagement by Saccron
Spoofy type fic, in which Yuuri tries to get out of the engagement, and Wolfram basically outdoes him at his own game. xD

Dream Me Away From That River In Egypt by Shinigami Yumi
non-con, kidnapping
I might not have put this up here, due to some serious issues (YOU DON'T PUT TRANSLATIONS IN FICS LIKE THAT. OH GOD WRY?) it totally got itself a comeback into love with the "happily ever after? HA!" Uuh... Wolfram runs away. Gets captures. (Gosh, that happens a lot...) Non-con, but not on "screen".

Dumpling by Astraplain
Future fic. Yuuri & Wolfram eat Wolfram's favorite dumplings.

The Flame by KatiKat
Yuuri imagines things that are no longer there.

Forgotten by Ashacrone
Kinda a crossover with XXXHolic.... In which Wolfram trades both his being a Mazoku and memories to save Yuuri.

Harmonious Discord by Elsie21
m/m sex
Wolfram, Yuuri, and the Maoh.

The Harsh Black of Night by Akainagi
Yuuri/Wolfram, one sided Conrad/Yuuri
Conrad sees them together, and realises something.

Hope is a Waking Dream by Elsie21
Implied Wolfram/Yuuri
Introspective, character study-ish. Kinda sad, but good.

Into the Indefinite Sky/ 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ by Sp_kathrine
AU, references to kidnapping, slavery, whipping
Wolfram was kidnapped as a baby and eventually became a slave; Conrad&co find him and bring him back to Shin Makoku. (Haven't decided yet if this fic is going to pull the story off without horrible piles of cheese and badness. D:)

It Blossomed Late in Spring by Elsie21
m/m sex
Marriage; rejection and acceptance. Also sex.

Just Like the First Time by Elsie21
Post-series, in which Yuuri is glad to be home.

The Maou's Perogative
Inside a glass palace
by Celinafairy
long, plot, m/m sex, kidnapping
A series of fics where, on the first night of their engagement, the Maoh (ie, not Yuuri) sleeps with Wolfram. Who is later kidnapped, and rejected by Yuuri when he gets rescued. What will happen next? :D (I'm seriously in love with this. It's just so... GOOD. Hahahah. >:D ♥♥♥)

Missing You
by Gracie_musica
m/m sex
Uuuh.. pointless Yuuram smut. Yuuup. You can find the second fic a little bit down on the page. :3 (Warning: glass dildo)

Not What It Seems byAllira_dream
Gunter THINKS he overhears something...

Of Ties that Bind/Binding/ 2/ 3/ by Gracie_musica
m/m sex
In which they get married, and the ceremonies surrounding it. XD Love it. (Though really, I think it would have been better to end it at part 2.)

Office Work by Daisy_chan
m/m sex, pwp
Yuuri's trying to work, Wolfram distracts him.

Reclamation by Arachanster
m/m sex, kink
Maoh!Yuuri/Wolfram, implied Murata/Wolfram
Yuuri finds out what's been happening between Murata and Wolfram. Posessive Maoh!Yuuri is seriously hot. *dies*

Several Linked Drabbles by Akainagi
Someone questions their engagement; Yuuri answers the way he /thinks/ is best.

Should have Seen it Coming by Thecurtain
Sweet little fic about how Yuuri can't sleep without Wolfram being ther. ♥

Slow and Steady by Ukefied
Neither Yuuri nor Wolfram know how to deal with each other's affections.. very cute.

Sword and Shield/Colder Than Fire/ 2/ by Aefallen
Plotty seeming fic that has good use of original monsters. People are trying to kill the Maoh, you see! :o ^^ Some nice talky things about the Maou/Yuuri dynamic.

Tadaima! by Maxine_chan
m/m sex, pwp
Smut. Post-series smut. What we all totally wished had happened, smut. ....Some use of fangirl!Japanese. *cringe* But other than that, good. :D

Three Strikes by Leissel
Wolfram insults Yuuri's swordsmanship, so Yuuri makes him play baseball.

Through the Eyes by Saiika_von_maou
Yuuri thinks on their engagement and decides to give it a chance.

Trial of Fire/ 2/ by Astrokender
Wolfram gets hurt trying to protect Yuuri, who worries. They have relationship-y-ness afterwards. xD

Like A Man
Pretending for Just Awhile
by Snowym
m/m sex, crossdressing, gender issues
Wolfram knows Yuuri can't accept a male fiance.

Without Knowing It by Daisy_chan
m/m sex
I love this fic. XD Yuuri's been secretly molesting Wolfram in his sleep.. basically. It's good. :D