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Being Slytherin by Tzigane
Genish fic
Draco pov; I think this quote sums it up nicely:
Even the Boy Who Lived can't see through what the rest of the wizarding world believes.
Things will never change.

Wonderful. Has the wonderful idea of Crabbe & Goyle not being fuckwits, and does it so well. ♥♥♥

Mortal Peril by Srichard
Harry's arrow is stuck on "Mortal Peril"; Remus helps him fix that.

Sink or Swim by Tzigane
Genish fic
I love this girl. This fic is a Lucius pov about the Wizarding world's perceptions about both the Potters & the Malfoys, and how the Malfoys were really not any worse than them, over time. Wondeful piece that (is the first of many fics) gives a beautiful alternate persepective on the HP universe.


Alive by Millieweasley
m/m sex, non-con
Post-war. Harry visits Draco at Azkaban.

Beneath A Shattered Fountain
Angel on a Leash
by Kcwriter
m/m sex, mild&past non-con, wings
Veela!Draco is found by dark!Harry, just after the Final Battle. harry. Um. Is kinda evil. BUT I LIKE THAT. :D And he kinda takes over the Ministry. xD;

Bound! by Draeconin
m/m sex, mpreg, spanking, switch
*dies* Um. Draco and Harry become magically bound to protect Draco from Voldemort. But it accidentally made them magically married, and it also got Draco pregnant. I don't even know. xD

Breakfast by MoonflowerRose
m/m sex, pwp
Harry gets back after a week away, they have sex.

Disturbing the Peace by MoonflowerRose
m/m sex, switch
Draco gets drunk, and wakes up sore, with Harry Potter in his apartement. And then they have more sex.

The Fantasy Trilogy by Jennavere
m/m sex, spanking
Draco likes being spanked. He just doesn't want to admit it.

Fifteen Minutes by MoonflowerRose
There's fifteen minutes left until the end; whether the end is death or being obliviated is up to you.

Finer Than Spring
The Twilight Kingdom
by Lashajayne
long, plot, m/m sex
Harry/Draco, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Post HBP; Harry finds Draco and takes him prisoner. Eventually, they learn to trust each other, and Draco helps Harry to destroy Voldemort. Afterwards, Draco tells Harry that just because Voldemort is dead, that doesn't mean the war is over and he goes to save his mother. Deals with post-war maybes very nicely, including the fact that the Ministry won't be able to just pick things up and keep going, and that corruption is entirely possible.

From Here to a Predetermined There by Chimosa
m/m sex, non-con...ish..?, pwp
Um. Harry chases Draco down and they have sex.

A House with a White Picket Fence
A House with a Blue Door
by SilentAuror
m/m sex
Harry thinks his life with Ginny is perfect, until Draco comes along.

The Impatient Snugglebug by Starrose17
m/m sex, pwp
H&D can't have sex as they go on a plane to visit Ron & Hermione.. Draco doesn't deal with this well. Also. Um. Kinda OOC/fanon draco.

Knives Out by charlottesometimes
m/m sex, AIDS
Harry/Draco, past Snape/Draco
Post-War. Harry finds Draco at a Muggle gay club, finds out he has AIDS, and gets a tad obsessed. Draco's... solving crime. Kinda. :D ♥

Legatum de Maladie by Idamonae
AU, necromancy
Harry wasn't targetted by Voldemort as a baby, Draco was. And Lucius gave him up.. until he regretted it. Lucius only figures out how to bring Draco back after 6 years.. Draco grows up to be a very sickly child, and Harry Potter (Healer) is hired to help cure him.

Mine Angel To Testify by Son_of_darkness
m/m sex, non-con, religious themes
Harry as the son of the devil, Voldemort as the new Jesus. Dark, Harry seduces angel!Draco, corrupts him, and brings him down to hell at the end to be his bitch.

Oath Breaker by Kcwriter
AU?, pre-slash
Harry/Draco, Lucius/Severus
Lucius and the Malfoys change sides; Maylfoy has Pansy protect the other Slytherines as Lucius incites a rebellion amongst some of the Death Eaters. This fic is EXCELLENT. Deals with stuff that you wouldn't think to think about in the HP world-- for instance, how people are always calling on "Merlin". This deals with the fact that Merlin is likely famous because he defeated a Dark Wizard.. and that that Dark wizard had followers. It has the Maylfoys, as well as several other Slytherine families, as Dark Wizards-- and Dark Wizardry as a completely seperate kind of magic. It deals with the fact that none of the Houses are really either good, or evil.. as well as the fact that the battle between Dark Wizards and the rest of the wizarding world didn't start with Voldemort. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Owned by Constant Vigilance
non-con, slavery
Harry/Draco, Blaise/Draco
Competely pointless fic. Lucius punishes Draco by making him in Blaise's slave, Harry (eventually) challenges him.

Precious by Ladyvader
Right after the final battle, everyone is dead, and Harry has nothing left... until he finds Draco, crouched over the body of his dead father. Draco's a liiittle bit crazy, and Harry takes care of him.

Prince of Moonbeams by Tzigane
Draco pov and then Harry pov on why Draco is the way he is, featuring messeduppast!Draco, and then ded!Draco. D:

Quidditch Wife by Minervaalistor
Quidditch Wife 2
m/m sex
Lucius cuts Draco off from all the Malfoy funds; Draco lives off Harry's money. Draco is far too girly and trophy wife-ish.

Rituals and Traditions by Amanuensis
m/m sex, kidnapping
Voldemort wants to rule the world from Draco's body, Harry saves him. Sex!Magic. x3

S is for Sibilant by MoonflowerRose
m/m sex, dirty talk
Harry talking in Parseltongue is aparently a huge kink. Especially for Draco.

A Spark
Wherever the Wind Blows
by AbbyCadabra
There's a drought and fires in the Forbidden Forest; Draco and Harry are one of the few to stay behind to help. I'd say it's a bit of a character piece, but whatever it is, it's very cool. ♥ ♥

Spoils of War by Kcwriter
Harry/Draco, Severus/Lucius
After the war, Voldemort's servants are sold off for a minimum of a one year sentance into slavery-- they're only released once their Master releases them. Harry buys Draco, Severus buys Lucius; both had actually been fighting Voldemort at the end of the war. Draco starts making motions to get Harry to take down the Ministry of Magic.

The Summer After by SilentAuror
m/m sex
After the war. Um. Everyone gets together with someone. Just a fix-up-the-relationships fic.

Sunday Mornings by Jennavere
m/m sex, spanking, pwp
Sunday Morning sex.

Synthetic by Tzigane
m/m sex, d/s, non-con, incest, extreme violence,
Harry/Draco, mentioned Lucius/Draco, mentioned Vernon Dursley/Harry
Don't let the pairings scare you-- this is pretty much everything I want in a fic.
In which Draco hates Synthetics, and then gets HARDCORE TORTURE/SACRIFICED for Voldemort, and then is totally braindead for most of the rest of the fic. Pretty short, but so, so amazingly done.

Tempus Fugit by Ravenna_c_tan
m/m sex, time travel, spanking, corporal punishment, switch
Not your usual time travel fic. In which Harry falls into one of Hogwarts' disappearing corridors, and ends up in 1926, where there is a different Draco Malfoy.
As I read this fic, I liked it less and less. This is NOT our Draco-- not even close. While the author did a good job with the OCs, I found that the rest of the HP world didn't get the attention they deserved-- in particular, the fact that the fic just throws out there that Snape & Draco are evil, and this never seems to be challenged. :/ I got through most of the chapters, but in the end, just had to stop.

Threads of Time by Ceresi
time travel, extreme violence/torture
Harry/Draco, Sirius/Remus
Things don't turn out well for Harry after the end of the war; he goes back in time to fix it. Sad, but very sweet fic.
"Doesn't it matter to you at all?" Ron roared, silencing Hermione, startling Lupin - "doesn't it matter at all that I saved your life?"
And with all of his strength, his rage, and his hatred, Harry roared back, "NO!" And when the room was filled with an appalled silence, he added, in a whisper, "Because you didn't save him," and he fainted.~

You see how good it is? ♥♥♥♥

The Veela Enigma by Jennavere
m/m sex, attempted non-con
Veela!Draco. o___O It's bad-- kinda OOC (which you can ignore when it's just smut) but... it's also very addictive. XD;;

Vertigo by Jennavere
almost underage sex, attempted non-con
Draco gets sent forward in time (and is, at first, mistaken for his future self). He's very surprised to find himself in a relationship with a certain Boy Who Lived.

Misc Pairing

Draco's Wild Ride by Kat Reitz & Tzigane
sex with inanimate object
Broom/Draco, Cedric/Draco.

Inner Veela
by Bren Antrim
m/m sex, switch
Lucius discovers his blood isnít quite as pure as he thought.

Misunderstood by Tzigane
Inner monologue about them getting together and the "wuh?? but we're cousins!" of it and.. yeah. Weird but good.

Proverbs by Tzigane
m/m sex, incest,
Lucius/Draco, mentioned Snape/Draco
PWP with slut!Draco. xD;

Slick by Kat Reitz & Tzigane
m/m sex, sex with a minor, non-con (Imperius Curse)
Lucius/Colin, Ron/Draco
o_O OMG SQUICK?! Lucius casts the Imperius Curse on Colin so he'll pretend he's Draco as they have sex. So messed up, yet.. good?

What Didn't Happen by Amanuensis
m/m sex, voyeur
Remus&Snape go at it; Harry watches, but can't believe what he's seeing.

Ron/Draco Fics

Department of Magical Creatures Case:625369 by rons_pigwidgeon
m/m sex, veela fic
Ron/Draco, many/Draco
Draco is a veela on the search for his mate, and sleeps with pretty much everyone else in the process. :D Funny, smutting, and good.

Eight Days a Week by ryokoblue
m/m sex
It takes one full week for Draco & Ron to go from never-talking, to in-an-actual-relationship. Draco has issues, and Ron is stubborn about not letting go. Short for the first 7 parts, and then nice and long.

Enough by Tzigane
m/m sex, non-con, multiple partners
Ron/Draco, mild Harry/Draco, mild Ginny/Harry
God, I love this girl's stuff. >_> This one's about what would happen to all the Death Eaters--and suspected Death Eaters-- after the war is finished and Voldemort is defeated. If the Dark Marks were gone, there'd be no way to tell the wizards apart, and everybody's guilty. Gaaaah, so much love.

Faggot by Pixvix
m/m sex, pwp

Hanky Panky by Pixvix
m/m sex, pwp
They discuss the ways to say "sex", and Ron has to prove his point to Draco. By which I mean have sex with him.

Pretty Little Girl by Srichard
m/m sex, pwp, crossdressing
Ron & Draco have sex in the common room, with Draco all dolled up.

Sex God by Dappled Victory
m/m sex, pwp
This pretends to have a plot. But the plot is basically "Ron sulks because he's not getting sex... then he gets sex."

Wands Competition by Ella_bane
m/m sex, pwp, voyeur
Harry watches as Ron fucks Draco. And then asks to join in.

Wine of Life by Femme
The wizarding world doesn't accept homosexuals, and in the future, Ron & Draco must hide their relationship. Plotfic, with Ron as an Auror. I really did'nt like certain aspects of this fic-- but the plot was enough for me to forgive it.

The Wizard Survival Act by frk-werewolf
m/m sex, mpreg
Ron/Draco, others
The Ministry of Magic passes a law that says all married gay couples must have a child, so that Wizards won't die out. Or something. It's pretty fluff, and has some glaring characterization problems, but it's amusing.


Better Than A Bobble Hat by Sam
Birthday gifts & Animagi. (Didn't like some of the little random bits.. but it was sweet. <3)

The End of That by Ladyjaida
Romance-y Valentine's Day fic. :D Sweet. Sirius tries to set Remus up with girls, not realising it's him Remus wants.

Fourth Wheel by Misura
Sirius/Remus, James/Lily
Peter POV on how he doesn't fit in anymore.

It Must Be The Flu by Ladyjaida
Misdiagnosed love. XD Sweet.

Mirror by Thistlerose
Mrs. Lupin is happily oblivious about S&R's relationship-- the boys move in together, she gives them a bunch of stuff.. including a mirror, which Sirius has to Straighten Out. XD

One More by Sakaim
Remus confronts Sirius in Azkaban.

Operation Seduce James by Remisiriusblack
m/m sex
Sirius/Remus, James/Remus, Sirius/James, Sirius/James/Remus
Sirius&Remus decide to seduce James. Chapter one: Remus.

Romulus by Magnus_leo
Remus's mother dies, Sirius comforts and gets a nick name. Very sweet. :D Though... not slashy enough for my taste. :(

Shades of Red by Shaggydogstail
m/m sex, bondage, pwp
Bondage wine sex. :D

Wandering, Gets You Down by Hiddendaze
Get together fic; Remus as a Ravenclaw.


Heart's Filthy Lesson by Tzigane
m/m sex, non-con
Ron/Draco, Snape/Draco
¨_¨ I don't why it is that I love this girl's perspective on this so much, but the whole Ron-has-equally-irational-hatred-for-Malfoy thing? Totally good. *hugs it* Snape gets Auror!Harry to check on Draco, who finds out not is all as it should be.

Lessons Learned by Kat Reitz &Tzigane
m/m sex, spanking, d/s
Snape/Draco, Lucius/Narcissa
Snape and Draco get married to protect Draco, and have lots of kinky sex. Mostly a long string of PWPs. XD

Little Stone Heart by Tzigane
m/m sex
Uuh.. Snape keeps all his emotions & such in a magical amulet type thing to preven the Dark Lord from using them against him, which Draco finds and nurses back to health.

Morbid Tommorow by Tzigane
Weird fic that I feel is unfinished, but I'm apparently totally wrong. Draco, right before his Initiation (re: post gang rape, pre-tat) gets rescued by Snape.

Soothing Strokes by Ldybastet
m/m sex, chan, caning
Draco has an itch he wants Snape to scratch. Snape's the one who turns it sexual.. very very chan, 1st year Draco.

Threesomes/Multiple (Main) Pairings

Casualties of War
The Spinning World (Discontinued)
by Hansbekhart
m/m sex, non-con, AU, torture, character death
Harry/Draco, Sirius/Remus, others
"When the second war begins, Remus Lupin and Draco Malfoy are its first casualties." After they're rescued, Harry&Draco go to live with Sirius&Remus over the summer for protection. There, the boys get to know each other, Draco bonds with Remus, and Bad Things Happen. Which leads to the sequel, which is the story of Harry & Draco's fifth year at Hogwarts. (Having read the summary of what would have happened in the sequel, I'm sure I would have liked it, but not as much as Casualties of War. I still highly recommend the first, because you'll get closure, but maybe not the second [even though it's still good].)
THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS FIC. It is seriously one of my favorites, ever. I almost cried. It has so, so many different levels that I love. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Games Almost Played by Sam
m/m sex
Muliple Pairings
Tournaments that never happened; pre-HP and current. Featuing Remus & Dumbledore as Champions, and an alternate way to make the mermaid!egg open.

No Rest for the Wicked by Tzigane
Harry/Draco, Snape/Draco, Snape/Harry/Draco
o_O This thing is just good. Harry&Draco sleep together, but Snape&Draco are in love, and Lucius wants Harry to be the next Dark Lord. (re: my super kink) I LOVE this thing. ♥♥♥

Stealing Harry
Tales from the River House
Laocoon's Children Year 1
Laocoon's Children Year 2
Laocoon's Children Year 3
by Sam
LONG, plot, m/m sex
Sirius/Remus, Snape/Tonks
AU; Sirius doesn't go to Azkaban, and takes Harry in when he's eight years old. Stealing Harry is them dealing with Peter, the two sequels being rewrites of the first two books (so far).

Tangled Weave by Tzigane and Kat Reitz
Snape/Draco, Lucius/Snape, Lucius/Draco, Lucius/Snape/Draco
Messed up family dynamics, Death Eaters, violence.. uuh.. yeah. It's good!

To the Victor by Simmysim
m/m sex, pwp, spanking
XD;;; So bad, and yet the smut is good, so all is well. Voldemort tries to pacify Harry into letting him surrender by delivering one Draco Malfoy for his *ahem* use.

Walking the Line by SilentAuror
m/m sex
Harry Draco, switch
Post-HBP. Draco, on the run, makes a deal with the Order. He gets assigned to watch one Harry Potter, since Harry is so good at slipping away. Blah blah, they fight Voldemort. This is an EXCELLENT fic. It has a believable H/D scenario, in character, great plot, everything. This is ACTUALLY something I can imagine coming out of book7-- if it were slash. Also, if JKR would come out of her HP-POV hole. D: ♥♥