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A Change of Profession
To Rule by Persuasion - Prologue
Titleless Drabble
To Rule by Persuasion
A Swim
Drabble the second.
by Sleepykelvina and Xandrabelle
Rufus needs another Turk. Why not get an old one?
Post Advent Children. All set in the same universe, two authors, multiple fics... @_@ I lost count of the order, but it doesn't REALLY matter.

Getting Results by Ardwynna_m
m/m sex
Zack flirts with everyone; Sephiroth is the only one who can resist his charms. Zack gets sick of trying and makes the moves on someone else, Sephiroth gets jealous and stakes his claim. *feels dirty saying that*

Impetus by Xandrabelle
Pre Advent Children. Rufus & having Geostigma; his Turks are a bit mother-henish. It's cute. <3

Turks AU/ 3/ 4/ by Sleepykelvina
AU. Or as I like to call it; FF7: TURKS RELOAD! In which the Turks are the main characters of the game instead of Cloud&co, and we follow them around. XD Whoo!

Turk Pile by Sleepykelvina
consumption of absinthe, multiple partners
Uh. Crack. Karaoke. Absinthe. Orgy. >_>;;;;