Digital Monsters Adventure 02

Doctor Who⟩⟩ ⟨⟨The Dark Is Rising Sequence

Body Heat/ 2/ by Sugahlei
AU, drug use
Rewrite. This time the club's different, Dai's different, Ken's different.. I'm loving it. x3 ♥

A Difference of Sides/ 4/ 5/ by Sugahlei
kidnapping, intense situations, AU
Punk!Daisuke meets prissy!Ken. +handcuffs. +kidnapping. +motorcycles&gangs. :D

Yami by Ainokitsune
mental disorders
Daisuke/Ken, Takeru/Ken, others
Very strange fic-- Ken's crazy, but kinda not, and CRAZY THINGS GO ON. It has a lot of backstory hinted at, but it's GOOD.